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Our Story

Our Story

During a trip to Japan 10 years ago, our Founding Co-Partner, Chef Jason Lim, fell in love with ramen – a dish so basic but yet so comforting and with a taste that’s satisfyingly good! His love turned into an obsession and he started a year-long journey of discovery and adventure as he went around Japan sampling various types of ramen and studying at the famous Yamato Noodle School.

His quest led him to truly appreciate scientific cooking – a method of cooking that would allow for every bowl of noodles he creates to taste, smell and be consistently delicious.

Together with his father and a group of like-minded Japanese partners, Chef Jason established Men-Tei in 2007 to introduce this appetizing, deeply satisfying bowl of noodles to Singapore

This year, Men-Tei is pleased to incorporate some of the latest and most advanced scientific cooking methodologies that further enhance the taste of your favourite ramen dishes.


Founding Co-partner – Chef Jason Lim

Food lover, Scientific chef, Teacher, Culinary consultant & Entrepreneur, Chef Jason is passionate about all things food-related. Chef Jason’s special skill is his ability to turn any recipe into a scientific process. His dream is that with these processes, he is able to preserve the exact taste, smell and mouth-feel that make his favourite dishes so special. Chef Jason is also a proud co-partner of our school, The Eureka Cooking Lab.

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Our School – The Eureka Cooking Lab

Men-Tei is part of The Eureka Cooking Lab (TECL) group. At TECL, we believe that a scientific approach to cooking can help professionals and home chefs to achieve the exact taste, smell and mouth-feel of their favourite dishes consistently. The Eureka Cooking Lab school was established to lead food lovers on a journey of exploration and discovery of how science can help them dish out gastronomic delights – so they too will exclaim “Eureka!”

If you enjoyed the ramen at Men-Tei and would like to learn the process behind these delicious bowls of noodles, visit www.tecl.sg.